Spotlight on Our Vice President: Jennifer Tewell

A family of four, consisting of two adults and two young women, sitting on a wooden log amidst a scenic backdrop of golden autumn trees. All are smiling warmly.
Meet Jennifer Tewell, our remarkable Vice President at FCCAC, and her beautiful family. Together, they exemplify the heart of our community, embracing every season of life with love and unity. #FamilyMoments #FCCACLeadership #GoldenAutumnDays

Warm greetings to our FCCAC family and supporters! We’re delighted to introduce you to Jennifer Tewell, our dynamic Vice President. Jennifer’s journey with the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center began in 2020, and in this short time, she has genuinely become the heartbeat of our initiatives.

A Pillar at FCCAC

Jennifer’s profound involvement touches every corner of our Center. From the executive and financial realms to governance and fundraising, she’s been an anchor. Notably, her enthusiastic efforts behind our Gala and Lip Sync events have propelled them into some of our most successful fundraisers.

More Than a Decade in Finance

Since stepping into the mortgage industry in 2006, Jennifer has been a beacon of trust and expertise for her clients. Guiding first-time homebuyers and ensuring regulatory compliance isn’t just her job; it’s her passion. Every class she teaches, every family she aids, is a testament to her dedication.

Community Commitment

Jennifer’s deep-rooted connections in our community, fostered over years of genuine interactions, professional collaborations, and her invaluable liaison with the school district, amplify her role on our board. Her financial prowess is a gift that keeps on giving to our FCCAC endeavors.

A Glimpse into Jennifer’s Heart

What drives Jennifer to dedicate her time and energy to FCCAC? It’s personal. Her childhood memories and insights from her tenure in the school district instilled a fervent desire in her to champion our cause. Her commitment ensures children find a safe haven with us after witnessing or experiencing trauma.

Amidst her bustling professional life, Jennifer’s world revolves around her children. Those precious moments in the bleachers, watching them play volleyball, are her cherished escapes. And, just like many of us, the beauty of Colorado captivates her—be it hiking trails, picturesque sights, or cheering for the Colorado Avalanche.

Jennifer’s Vision for Our Tomorrow

Jennifer’s dream for the FCCAC is beautifully straightforward—growth through unity. She believes in mobilizing the community’s collective strength, ensuring we have the resources to function at our best. The excitement in her eyes about the forthcoming Gala is palpable. Every year, with Jennifer on board, we’ve seen it evolve, becoming grander, leaving an indelible mark on attendees.

It’s a privilege to have Jennifer Tewell as a part of our FCCAC family. Her depth of experience, combined with her warm sincerity, is truly unmatched. As she generously lets us share her story with you all, we invite you to celebrate the incredible souls like Jennifer who make FCCAC the beacon of hope it is today. Stay tuned as we continue shining a light on more of our cherished board members!

Close-up portrait of woman with a sincere smile, standing against a backdrop of tall grass and distant mountains.
Jennifer: A blend of determination and grace, always looking forward with hope and vision.
Jennifer and James smiling wearing team jerseys.
Jennifer and James enjoying a game night out.