Hands: Instruments of Care

A joyful artwork featuring two large blue handprints and two smaller white handprints on a canvas with a wavy, multicolored border. The message 'Hands Are Not For Hurting, They Are For Helping Others!' is written in bold letters, emphasizing the theme of compassion and assistance. The image signifies the positive impact we can have when we use our hands to support and care for one another.

This Thanksgiving, a child is celebrating with his new family for the first time. Though he has faced many hardships, he has overcome them all with courage and strength.

Born to a mother who struggled with addiction, this child was placed in foster care at a young age. He bounced around from home to home, never staying in one place for too long. Despite the instability, he remained determined to make the most out of his situation. He easily made friends wherever he went, and is always the first in line to offer a helping hand.

Eventually, he was placed with a loving family who saw his potential and offered him a permanent home. Though it was a difficult adjustment, he worked hard to build a relationship with his new family and to trust that they would always be there for him.

This Thanksgiving, he is grateful for the love and support of his new family, and for the strength he found within himself to persevere through difficult times. He’s looking forward to helping his adoptive Mom and Dad create this very special meal. His story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of never giving up hope. Hands are not for hurting, they are for helping others.