Empowering the Community: Investing in Child Protection Training

Supported by the LOR Foundation

Tyson’s work over the years reminds us why having Law Enforcement on the Multi-Disciplinary Team is non-negotiable. They bring a unique perspective and set of skills that can make or break an investigation. It’s why we’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to the generous support of the LOR Foundation, our team at the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center is participating in THE REID TECHNIQUE OF INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEWING AND POSITIVE PERSUASION FOR CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATIONS™.

This 3-day course offers specialized training designed for professionals involved in child protection services. The program aims to arm individuals like Social Service Child Protection Workers, Police Officers, and Child Advocates with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in investigative interviewing.

Key Learning Areas:

Understanding the Offender: The course delves deep into the mindset of those who perpetrate child abuse, offering insights that could prove invaluable in interviews.

Investigative Techniques: Learn how to ask profiling and behavioral provoking questions to get to the root of a case.

Nonverbal Cues: This training will equip participants with the ability to read nonverbal behavior—a crucial skill in the interviewing process.

Characteristics of a Successful Interviewer: What makes an interviewer effective? This course aims to answer that.

By providing this advanced training to our team, we hope to not only strengthen our ability to protect children but also empower our community through education and awareness.

A heartfelt thank you to the LOR Foundation for their ongoing support and belief in our mission.

Four Corners Child Advocacy Center specialized team
Our devoted team, always committed to continual learning and community support. Picture taken during Child Abuse Awareness Month.