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Fortnite Chapter 2

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TechTuesday: Fortnite Chapter 2 was released last week. I know my 15 year old was PUMPED! As parents and guardians, what do we need to know about Fortnite? Thank you to the National Online Safety website for this great info!

Smart Social Podcast

TechTuesday: Earlier this year, Advocate Sadie Pace found a podcast about being smart online. I’ve (Nicci) listed to quite a few, and have my kids listening occasionally too. It has some great information. Josh Ochs reminds kids (and parents/guardians) to be LIGHT, BRIGHT and POLITE online.

Take a listen to see what you think.

Age Based Internet Guidelines

Today we’ve got some great information on age-based internet guideline suggestions for families. See what you think. What are some of your internet rules at home?

Instagram Guide for Parents

TechTuesday: A couple weeks ago we posted an infographic on Instagram. This dives in a little deeper for parents on Instagram settings and information. This is a great magazine out of Australia. Thanks for sharing, Family and Child Advocate Sadie Rose Pace!

Visit ReachingOut’s website for more information.

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Pledges for Online Safety for Families

It’s TechTuesday! Have you thought about creating a contract or pledge as a family about how you will use the internet? Here is a great resource. They have a kid’s pledge, a teen’s pledge, a parent’s pledge, and a contract for cell phone usage. Take a look.

Visit: Safe Kids for more great information.

Instagram Tips for Parents and Guardians

I am a parent of a 15-year old who REALLY enjoys Instagram. What are some of the things I (and other parents and guardians) should be on the look out for? The more we know about the technology the children in our lives are using, the more we can help protect them while still giving them some freedom.

Visit: National Online Safety for more great information.

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9 Tips for Device Safety

Children are using smart devices from a much younger age than ever before. Therefore it is essential we talk to our children about how to use them safely. There are many positive benefits to the new technology at our disposal these days – but there are plenty of downsides too. As a parent or carer, it’s important you understand these risks and how you can take steps to protect your family against them.

Visit: National Online Safety for more great information.

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